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About The BEST CEO Group Founder and Chairman

Joe Philips founded The BEST CEO Group in 2005. Here’s a little bit about his story:

“After 23 years running businesses around the globe, I retired. In four years, I improved my tennis game, renovated two houses, took classes, and traveled to Europe, but I realized I wasn’t done working, mentoring, and giving back. I missed the action, excitement, and challenge of running a business and coaching leaders.

It was time to share what I’d learned. I wanted to help others grow their businesses and avoid some of the mistakes I’d made. I began creating a group and environment to share experiences and knowledge, providing a sounding board for ideas and issues, and challenging each others’ thinking; to shorten learning curves and expedite success.

It was clear to me that CEOs/business owners are the perfect group to bring together. For more than fifteen years, I have been facilitating monthly CEO Group meetings and get together one-to-one with each CEO monthly to assist them in reaching their vision, both business and personal.”


“My focus is making the vision of CEOs a reality.”

Joe Phillips is the Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller “You’re Crazy! How the Hell Are We Going to Do That?!”


Great leadership is a killer differentiator. But not many businesses have it. This book is about what great leadership is and what it takes to achieve it.

Although it is sometimes necessary to work “in” the business, it's most important for the leader to spend most of their time working “on” the business. That means you need to surround yourself with good people who will challenge the organization like you do, and empower them to make decisions.

Great leaders know that the culture of the business is what drives it. They know that the focus needs to be on the success of the business and they demonstrate this through their actions. Great leaders recognize that they will get back from their people the behavior they exhibit, reward, and tolerate, and that will become the culture.

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The BEST CEO Group – Additional Services

Joe and The BEST CEO Group also offer

  • Brain-based leadership and performance coaching for key employees

  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) assessments and coaching

  • Speaking on leadership and business acceleration

Joe is also a longtime SCORE counselor. SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the nation’s premier source of free business mentoring and education.

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