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Our Selection Process


Minimum Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Three to five years experience as CEO or business owner

  2. Five or more years of leadership experience

  3. Must currently have P & L responsibility

  4. Must run a San Diego County-based company with a minimum of 25 employees (or meet minimum annual revenue requirements)

  5. Must currently be in a business growth and/or business improvement mode

Our 6-Step Selection Process
  1. Candidates are nominated or identified through qualification-specific research.

  2. Candidates are contacted and screened to determine if they qualify to enter the selection process.

  3. Candidates are assessed on more than 22 factors (listed below) during a 90-minute selection interview. Based on the interview results, the candidate is either moved forward to the final phase of the selection process or is determined to not be an appropriate candidate at that time.

  4. During the final phase, the Chairman decides if the candidate may be a good fit for the group and, if appropriate, extends an invitation.

  5. If an invitation is given to the candidate, then candidate decides if he/she will accept.

  6. Candidate sets their first coaching session with the chair and prepares their introduction.

Selection Factors
  • Ownership of business

  • Years as CEO

  • Active in business on a day-to-day basis

  • Leadership experience

  • Peer with other CEOs in group

  • Has strong core values

  • Communication effectiveness

  • Looking to continually grow personally

  • Employee-oriented culture

  • Open to new ideas and suggestions

  • Can make most decisions without the approval of others

  • Able and fully committed to attend meetings on a regular basis

  • Willing to share their knowledge and expertise with group

  • Looking to grow and/or improve business

  • Willing to maintain confidentiality about group discussions

  • Community involvement

  • Has key people in organization who can take over in his/her absence

  • Committed to being ontime for meetings

  • Flexibility to abide by Group operating principles

  • Willing to nominate /recruit others for group openings

  • Related experience and knowledge

  • Respect for others

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