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“Increased my profits by $1.1 million in sixteen months as a direct result of working with Joe and The BEST Group.”

- Rod Chambers

“Helped me clarify my growth strategy and target areas allowing me to be more focused and effective.”

- Braden Wasserman

“Gave me guidance on the development of an executive compensation and retention plan with the option of allowing members of my key staff to acquire a piece of the business.”

- Ted Baker

“Gave me the courage and tactics to buy the business I was running.”

- Ellen Myers


“I leave every meeting with a list of Ideas and suggestions to help my business and improve the bottle line.”

- Rick Woolsey


“Helped me to take charge of my business from a global perspective, offered options that I didn’t realize existed, and helped me see that my priorities were misaligned.”

- David Giorgi


“When I sold my business, the group helped me get through an extremely difficult negotiation. Their feedback helped me better position myself to maximize benefits and minimize risks. Some of the things they suggested I never would have thought of by myself.” 

- James Kernan

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