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The BEST CEO Group is a highly selective CEO peer advisory group.

Unlike many other peer advisory groups, The BEST CEO Group follows a strict selection process developed based on decades of data indicating what the very highest performing groups do worldwide.

Here at The BEST CEO Group, our purpose is bringing together a high performing CEO group that will share experiences and knowledge, and become vested in each others’ successes. We know that to do this successfully is not easy.

Review our selection process here.

We also run Key Groups, which include senior management and C-level executives, such as CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, CMOs, GMs and sales executives. This group also includes small business owners that do not yet qualify for one of our CEO groups, typically due to company size or length of ownership experience.


There are many CEO groups out there, but only a few are high performing and highly successful.


Is The BEST CEO Group for you?

When The BEST CEO Group was founded in 2005, we knew we couldn’t work with just any CEO or business owner.


Our members are serious about improving themselves, their businesses, and their communities. As a result, we treat our selection process like a CEO treats a key hire.

We all know how disruptive it is to fill a position with the wrong person. The same thing is true here. Each new CEO needs to bring unique experiences and skills to complement the group.

The power of the group is issue processing. The majority of our time together is spent discussing real issues and challenges that our CEOs face. We foster a group of your peers who are invested in your business and you; a group of people who know your strengths and weaknesses and are willing to give you honest feedback.

How We Work: CEO Groups

  1. We meet monthly as a group for a 5½ hour session

  2. During each monthly meeting, the CEOs provide a brief business update, including any progress or obstacles related to issues that have previously been discussed with the group

  3. One CEO is the host each month and presents more deeply on their business, including their “one-page business plan”, which is discussed by the group

  4. Then the group tackles issue processing of real issues being experienced by our CEOs (typically 3 – 4 issues per meeting) for the remainder of the meeting

  5. Each CEO also has a one-to-one discussion with Joe each month


Is The BEST CEO Group for you?

How We Work – Key Group
  1. We meet monthly as a group for a 4 hour session

  2. In each meeting the group tackles issue processing of real issues being experienced by our members

  3. In addition, at most meetings we also focus on a dimension of leadership growth

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