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In addition to CEO Groups and Key Groups,
The BEST CEO Group also offers one-on-one coaching.


One of the reasons Joe is distinct from other executive coaches is that he has been certified to coach using the WE-Q Profile.


The WE-Q Profile is an emotional intelligence instrument that reveals, among other things, where you focus when it matters most: in conflict and under stress. The WE-Q Profile uncovers what’s holding you back.


The three foundational abilities of emotional intelligence are:

  1. The ability to be aware of one’s own experience

  2. To be aware of the other party’s experience

  3. The ability to effectively manage oneself and one’s emotions in relationships



Business Meeting

It's all about relationships.

Therapy Session

The WE-Q profile reveals your blind spots.



It gives you the gift of conscious choice
in how you live your life, both personally
and professionally.

Emotional Intelligence and Performance: Why it matters?


  1. Emotional competencies are twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and experience.

  2. 73% of abilities reported to be key to superior performance are emotional competencies.

  3. On average, close to 90% of leadership success is attributed to emotional intelligence.

The WE-Q profile is not a self-report, as self-reported data has an inherent bias based on the individual’s self perception. Instead it focuses on reporting your responses to an actual video interchange you have with other people.

There is no WE-Q score. The profile is designed to foster self discovery and a conversation with a coach about one’s various WE-Q abilities.


What the WE-Q Profile Measures:

Self reflection – the ability to be aware of what you are thinking, feeling, and wanting in the moment when being challenged

Self regulation – the ability to effectively manage one’s emotions in relationships

Empathy – the ability to tune into others and accurately see their experience, and the ability to stay emotionally connected with another, even when challenged


Talking Business

WE-Q is having the ability to work with others in a highly effective manner, which results in individual, team, and organizational success.

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